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Full Time

Technical Project Manager / XR Developer

KARO Labs is looking for a Technical Project Manager / XR Developer to join us at our headquarters in Berlin.

Due to urgency and the ongoing travel restrictions, the listing is only open to Berlin residents. 

For us, the ideal candidate should have a background in system or game development. Having relevant experience in managing Unity and/or Unreal projects is a must. The candidate should also have exposure to working with AGILE and SCRUM frameworks. We believe that XR-tech is exciting and have an expectation that the candidate will share our passion to help businesses utilize this technology.

Required Experience

The candidate will need to function as a highly skilled and multidisciplinary developer while staying up to date with the latest tools and technologies in the XR landscape.

The candidate will facilitate and curate the vision of a given project from the client’s perspective while balancing it with the creative direction of the production team. In this role, the candidate will perform functions such as:

  • Meeting with clients to clarify the scope and vision of the project
  • Prioritizing and documenting tasks with the production team
  • Facilitating post-sprint feedback with clients
  • Maintaining quality standards by checking the output of the production team
  • Ensuring the smooth execution and timely closure of projects

While working in production, the candidate must take on the responsibilities of a “SCRUM Master” along with other production responsibilities. In this role, the candidate will be responsible for implementing all SCRUM practices for the production team. This will include functions such as:

  • Facilitating the planning of sprints
  • Enabling daily stand-ups
  • Removing impediments that may cause delays in finishing sprints
  • Holding the team accountable to what is said in the stand-ups
  • Ensuring proper sprint wrap-ups


Required Skills

SKILLS REQUIRED or areas where the candidate must be able to practically apply and execute skills:

  • Highly skilled at programming in C# using Unity’s scripting API
  • Highly skilled at setting up and implementing features in a VR or AR based environment using all the Editor features in Unity

KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED or areas where the candidate’s working knowledge will be considered more valuable than practical skill:

  • Majority of the features in Unity
  • 3D art workflow
  • Building and deploying projects on different platforms such as Google Play, App Store, Oculus Store etc.

COMPETENCIES REQUIRED or areas where the candidate’s expertise at soft skills shall take precedence:

  • Problem-solving in all areas of XR development
  • Giving, receiving, and digesting feedback in a constructive manner
  • Ability to determine intuitive user experiences
  • Conceptualizing and mapping out technical requirements based on a client brief or design document
  • Working in agile and cross functional teams, remotely and on-location
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences to boost competency of the team
  • M.Sc., B.Sc., or any other relevant educational qualification




We feel that while applying for such positions, it can be hard for candidates to choose what should be highlighted from their background. At KARO, we think of these as the X-Factor. This can sometimes provide a “Competitive edge” to the candidate amongst our applicants. Some areas that may provide the candidate with this advantage are:

  • Working knowledge and skills with another game engine aside from Unity
  • Proficiency in another general-purpose programming language aside from C#
  • Experience in native App development for Android or iOS
  • Experience with any type of 3D-workflow such as Modelling, CAD, Sculpting and Texturing
  • Any artistic disciplines such as graphic design, illustration, animation, video production, etc.
  • Any other technological skills such as 3D-printing, IoT, electronics, etc.

Apart from these we are also happy to hear about anything that the candidate may consider a major talent, interest, or hobby.



We’re seeking individuals who are curious, ambitious, and eager to learn new things. At KARO, we are willing to push boundaries and expect all our employees to do no less. We are a diverse and multi-cultural company where English is the primary language for official communication. Apart from being through professionals, we also expect our employees to have a lot of fun!


About KARO Labs

KARO Labs GmbH is a young startup focused on developing XR content and applications. Our work blends physical and digital experiences, combining premium content with latest technology. We are located in Berlin’s trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg and try to foster an environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance. This includes a fun workplace and a competitive compensation package.

We have just been funded and have many exciting positions that are open.


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